Schemey Pete's Scenarios
Arguably the most important podcast of our time?

Pete Casale

What happens when you're stuck in a confined space with an overgrown austistic boy for an extended time?

You get posed hypothetical scenarios.

Not just plain everyday scenarios, no. Ridiculous, bizarre and psychologically nauseating scenarios. Scenarios that make you think creatively. Scenarios that get people talking. Scenarios that make you wonder what life decisions you made that lead you to be asked such things.

Bevan Earthling is a bee enthusiast and professional maniac, who spends his free time walking, preferably to a supermarket. Today we argue about Donald Trump, the best kind of cake, and the merits of hiding in a barrel at the bottom of a pit.

Becky Turner is a biology enthusiast. This week we criticize the anti-vax movement, argue about time travel and quantify the qualities of the best dinosaur.

Chris Welch is a high school maths teacher. We talk about how to outsmart a bear (which is a type of gay man), bodily gas-powered Mexican shockwaves and the doom of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Becky Turner is a nuclear weapon engineer, but not really. This week we talk about breaking the laws of physics, invisible colours, kicking Gisby in the balls, what we think God is or isn't, and why chimps never attacked Jane Goodall.

Chris Welch is a high school maths teacher. Today we discuss eating human flesh, fondling dogs and the right fictional character to help defend you from the zombie apocalypse.

Becky Turner is the maniac behind and is a passionate eternal student of science. I love her! Today we talked about Pete's brain damage, who is technically one of the operators in this conversation. We also cover the important topics of synesthesia and chicken-driven world domination.

Brad "Wolf Man" Ramsey is a mixed martial arts fighter. In this episode, we discuss the best way to bring down a corporation, develop a designer drug and deal with a zombie apocalypse.

Pete and Beck get into a long argument about the philosophy of teleportation, in this episode of Schemey Pete's Scenarios. Now with fixed audio!

The Trapezoid is a professional wrestler known for being the tallest wrestler in the bantamweight division. Today we talk about simulation theory, philosophy and ears that spin rapidly to enhance hearing.

Becky Turner is the founder of and biology enthusiast.

Chris Sutton is a professional massage therapist and nature photographer. Warning: This episode has a couple of brief interruptions by children.

Becky Turner is the founder of and biology enthusiast.